Chocolate Bars - 8 Assorted 'Single Estate' Plantation

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These?8 dark & milk 'Single Estate' Plantation Chocolates are made from selected cocoa beans in a Single Plantation, unlike an original or vintage chocolate. The aromatic taste specific to each bar comes from the particularities offered by each Plantation. The nobility of its bars results from the control of their roasting and fermentation acquired by the Manufacture for 70 years.

  • Plantation Mangaro, 65% cocoa content?-?Chocolate with aromas of exotic fruits?and?gingerbread.

  • Plantation Mokaya, 66% cocoa content?- Award-winning and?organic chocolate with?powerful notes of cocoa and fruits,?finishing?with?flavors of dried fruits.

  • Plantation El Jardín, 69% cocoa content?- Notes of honey, redberry, and caramel combined with toasted and peppery notes, with a fresh menthol lingering flavor.

  • Plantation?Vila Gracinda, 67% cocoa content?-?Award-winning chocolate, born from the volcanic and marine soil, offers?roasted, spicy and herbaceous notes with lingering flavors of ripe tropical fruits and licorice sticks.

  • Plantation Los Anconès, 67% cocoa content?- Award-winning and organic chocolate with notes of?licorice wood, red berries, and green olives, lingering with dried currants and apricots.

  • Plantation Riachuelo, 70% cocoa content?- Harmonious flavors of grilled cocoa, dried fruit and berries, mingling with bitter-sweet notes, in delicately spiced chocolate and caramel long finish.

  • Plantation Riachuelo, 51% cocoa content?- A creamy, tender texture, with sweet notes of milk, cream, and caramel, mingling with notes of red fruits and cocoa, with a spicy and fresh lingering flavor.

  • Plantation Mangaro, 50% cocoa content?- Notes of caramel, exotic fruits, gingerbread, and honey, with a lingering flavor of sultanas.

    70 g?each bar