About Cluizel

Chronicle of Family Cluizel

Marc Cluizel was born into a family of bakers in Lyon.?In the 1920s, he became an apprentice at a pastry shop and discovered the work of chocolate, rare luck at the time.?In Paris, he falls in love with Marcelle, who holds a confectionery.

In 1934, the couple moved to Rambouillet and opened a beautiful shop, both pastry, chocolate, and caterer.?Thirteen years later, Marc and Marcelle sell their business to go to Paris, but high inflation prevents them from realizing their dream.

Marcelle then inherits a family home in Damville, Haute-Normandie.?Marc decides in 1948: "I will make my chocolates here, and I will go and sell them in Paris".?The beginnings are difficult, but Marc is a good worker, and Marcelle has rigor and will: after 3 or 4 years of hard work, their chocolates are noticed.

With their growing success, Cluizel extends the initial premises of 30 m2 and then acquire a building across the street.?They hire, hire ... In 1964, the company has 50 people.

In 1949, soon after the installation in Damville, Michel, son of Marc and Marcelle Cluizel, realizes that chocolate is his life.?At 16, he becomes the apprentice of his parents.?The association between the two generations is winning!?Marc and Marcelle have made the company grow at the artisanal level.?Michel will develop it in turn, at the industrial level.?Because he wants even more, even better: at 29, he buys a piece of land on the Damville plateau, out of the city center, and brings his father to build a modern chocolate factory.?In 1971, grinders, conches, wrappers, all these machines essential for the manufacture of chocolates are mounted in 1800 m2 of new premises, giving new development possibilities.?Since then, the company has not stopped growing while remaining family.

Little by little she supplied exceptional chocolates Paris and the whole of France.?Michel created in 1987 a shop showcase St Honoré Street, in Paris, to open the company internationally.

Since the mid-1980s, Marc Cluizel has been working with his father in a complicity: both share the same love of beautiful work, custom-made know-how, and recipes combining tradition and innovation.?Marc adheres to the?
credo?of quality, which is the hallmark of the House, promoting in 1999 the commitment "Noble Ingredients" commitment still unequaled in the world.?It also develops export, created an American subsidiary and opened a 2nd?showcase store?in New York.

In 2013, Marc affirms more than ever the strong values of the company: he transforms it into Manufacture Cluizel.?This Manufacture, like that of the Gobelins, is the image of the know-how of the professionals.?She works in a direct and sustainable relationship with cocoa farmers, in a fair commitment that is a guarantee of quality.?Then all the transformation work is done in Danville, from the slow roasting of the beans to the delicate decorations of the finished products.?It's 100% made in France!?In New York as in Paris, the shops, called "Small Manufacture", are a great success.

Catherine Cluizel directs the one of Paris, very prestigious while imagining the new presentations of chocolates.?As for Sylvie, she manages the accounting and finances of the Company.?Together, Cluizel opened two chocolate museums: in 2002 in Damville and in 2012 in West Berlin (United States).?This Chocolatrium ??introduces the general public to the flavors of good products, and to their tasting.?

Two awards have recently come to crown this beautiful story;?in 2011, the Grand Prix Trophy for the family business, which recognizes the excellence of know-how acquired and passed on (Gold Oak Competition) and in 2012, the French Living Heritage Companies (EPV) label, awarded by the state.

The Manufacture Cluizel is therefore 65 years and three generations of enthusiasts, in the Cluizel family and among 220 experienced employees.?It is also the desire to share our values with you through exceptional products: our chocolates with inimitable Cluizel taste.?

Cluizel family business

For three generations, the Cluizel family has evolved amidst fragrances of chocolate. With the help of skilled Cacaofèviers?, Confectioners and Chocolate Makers, the family carries on with their tradition, where everything started: in Damville, Normandy. The Manufacture Cluizel developed a direct, sustainable relation with cocoa planters. This fair commitment is a pledge of quality.

A genuine, natural taste, this is what the self-demanding chocolatier always strives for.?And to achieve this, cocoa beans are fermented according to a skillfully controlled technique, at the planter’s premises. Then, everything is made at the Manufacture Cluizel: from the slow roasting process that perfectly reveals all the cocoa flavors, to the subtle decorations which are often handmade. This results in a range of tastes from unique soils, emphasized by traditional or innovative recipes: Michel Cluizel’s chocolates.

For more than 15 years, Michel Cluizel has been selling their chocolate from their stores in New York and New Jersey. Their?USA?manufacturing facility, located in West Berlin NJ,?produces handcrafted chocolates and non-dairy pastries, many of which are gluten-free and has recently added?paint your palate? activity and a chocolate museum, “Chocolatrium” modeled after the respected Chocolatrium in Damville.?Both facilities are open to the public, which?offers?unique tastings, a guided tour through the history of chocolate and how its processed from bean to bar.

For?65 years and three generations of enthusiasts, the Cluizel family along?with?220 experienced employees desire to share their?values with you through outstanding products: our chocolates with the inimitable Cluizel taste.?


- A spirit of fair, lasting trade and privileged relations with planters -

Since 1997, the Cluizel company has been one of the few Cacaoféviers (processing cocoa beans into chocolate) in the world. The company’s approach lies in developing direct relations with?six renowned planters (Brazil,?Santo Domingo, Mexico,?S?o Tomé,?Madagascar, and Colombia) in order to give them the guarantee of a consistent purchase price and worker-friendly work conditions.?

The very special relationship we have had with our planters for over 7 years now – in which we banish any merchant/go-between and use precise specifications in order to achieve meticulous selection of beans – enables us to guarantee the best possible cocoa traceability.

cluizel planters

For 7 years now, we have endeavored to find renowned plantations in the most reputable cocoa-producing countries, in order to create '1ers Crus de Plantation'?. This specific approach enables us to find the best cocoa beans in the world and to guarantee the best possible cocoa traceability. Our '1ers Crus de Plantation'?chocolates intensify the aromatic potential of each terroir through an adequate manufacturing process and a unique production skill.? They enable us to create an intense aromatic range.

Environmentally Conscious

- Respect for the environment comes first -

organic processingA nature-friendly company, Manufacture Cluizel has invested $600,000 in building a sewage treatment plant to?process sewage?organically, with no environment nuisance, which contributes to sustainable development, through the use of a natural filter: reed.?The ‘Manufacture’ is a member of the ‘Club EPEE 2020’ (A clean, energy-saving company in the lead up to 2020). Through this organization, we were awarded the 2012 ‘Croissance Verte’ (Green Growth) trophy (for our commitment to reducing energy consumption). The club’s role is to share good practices between manufacturers committed to reducing expenditure on all forms of energy.


Safeguarding our Environment


Manufacture Cluizel requires its service providers to have “Imprim' Vert”, PEFC and FSC certification out of a common desire to reduce the environmental impacts linked to printing activities. These certifications also attest to a firm’s support for good sustainable forest management practices.

For its packaging, Manufacture Cluizel requires compliance with the ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and BRC standards relating to finished product quality management systems, and in particular guaranteeing “food contact” certification.